• Display advertising

    What is Header Bidding?

    February 22, 2017  |  Anila Jose#displayadvertising
    The display advertising space is constantly evolving, as is the bidding process. That's why you should familiarize yourself with header bidding to keep up with the competition.
  • Native guidelines

    Native Advertising

    February 16, 2017  |  Amber Usmani#display  #displayadvertising  #performancedisplay
    Native advertising isn’t just a good idea; it should be a robust part of your current marketing strategy. It reaches your customers where they already are.
  • E-commerce

    Amazon Tests Google Shopping Ads

    February 14, 2017  |  Alison Nguyen#shopping  #shoppingfeed  e-commerce
    Amazon has recently begun to test PLAs on Google Shopping because of several e-commerce marketing advantages. Learn more about these advantages and what it could mean for you.
  • Programmatic advertising

    Why You Should Implement Video in Your Digital Media Marketing Mix in 2017

    February 9, 2017  |  Danielle Copeland#displayadvertising  #performancedisplay
    Every year consumers are migrating to online video more and more. This is a perfect chance for advertisers with a lot of video content to take advantage of this trend in 2017. Learn more in this insightful blog post.
  • GDN responsive ads

    Advertisers Should Utilize GDN Responsive Ads

    February 7, 2017  |  Sandra Moy#paidsearch
    For a long time many advertisers have used text ads to reach users on the Google Display Network (GDN), however as of Jan 31, users were no longer able to edit or create text ads. GDN responsive ads are known for their easily customizable messaging capabilities, and here's why you should utilize them.
  • Five Tips for More Effective Display Creative

    February 3, 2017  |  Anila Jose#displayadvertising  #performancedisplay
    Display ads can be challenging for even the most creative designers and marketers. Here are five tips on how to get more creative with effective display.
  • Elite SEM Accelerates Growth with New Partner

    February 2, 2017  |  Ben Kirshner
    Ben Kirshner started a company back in 2004 with a goal of creating an agency culture focused on its people. 13 years later, Elite SEM has been recognized with many accolades for its outstanding performance and culture. Now, Elite is taking a huge step forward with a new partner to further grow the company.
  • What Will Advertising in Instagram Stories Mean for Snapchat?

    January 31, 2017  |  Katy Lucey#paidsocial  #socialmedia
    Instagram users should expect to see ads in their Stories soon. The new video ads could turn out to be a big win for Instagram. Find out how and what this could mean for Snapchat in Katy Lucey's new blog post.
  • b2b facebook

    The Case for Facebook for B2B Advertisers

    January 25, 2017  |  Mike LaMonte#b2b  #paidsocial
    B2B Marketers often look to LinkedIn for their Paid Social ads. However, Facebook shouldn't be overlooked as a channel for marketing. Find out why Facebook might be the better choice for your needs here.
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