• Expert Interview: Nels Frye of stylites.net on Brand Collaboration

    January 13, 2017  |  Bianca Beckbissinger#branding  #fashion  #influencers  #interview
    Interview Series featuring Nels Frye of stylites.net, a fashion consultant who focuses on Chinese street style. He shares with us his passion, what he looks for in brand collaborations, and more.
  • Social media advertising

    What's New with Facebook Offer Claim Ads?

    January 11, 2017  |  Preston Paynter#paidsocial
    Although Facebook Offer Claims were first introduced in 2012, a recent revamp has upped the game. They allow Facebook advertisers to get their promotions in front of their audience and create a sense of urgency amongst other features that help ensure prospective clients redeem the offer. Learn the benefits here.
  • Google promotion

    Perks of Google Promotion Extensions

    January 5, 2017  |  Tommy Sacks#paidsearch
    A new feature of ad extensions that are currently in the works offers a range of benefits, which is why you need to get it on your radar. Review all the perks of the Google Promotions extension and why this could be useful to get a higher CTR.
  • Examining the Move to HTTPS: The Guardian Migration

    December 22, 2016  |  Sara Leaf#seo
    The move to HTTPS has been increasing amongst website that deal with transactions, but with Guardian's move to HTTPS content sites seem to be following.
  • Social media

    CMOs Plan Big Spends on Social Media

    December 15, 2016  |  Bianca Beckbissinger#paidsocial
    How are CMOs across the United States allocating their marketing budgets? One report shows a big increase in Social Media Advertising over the past five years. Find out why.
  • SEO

    Writing the Perfect RFP - The Questions You Aren't Asking an SEO Agency

    December 8, 2016  |  Katherine Carpenter#seo
    Asking the right questions in a Request for Proposal (RFP) is crucial in helping to identify what type of partnership you and the SEO agency in question would have. Here are 5 questions that you should be asking in your next RFP.
  • Save Time and Effort with Facebook Saved Audiences

    December 6, 2016  |  Jackson Salzman#paidsocial
    Save time and effort with Facebook's saved audiences. Learn some tips to make the best use of your time.
  • 4 Different Ways to use Amazon Sponsored Promotions

    November 30, 2016  |  Matt Devinney#ecommerce  #paidsearch
    Using Amazon Sponsored Products will allow you to have more power over your product merchandising. Product Sponsored ads help boost the visibility of products when shoppers search with keywords you bid on, but there are some important best practices to keep in mind when you set up yours.
  • paid search

    Why You Shouldn't Send PPC Traffic to Your Homepage

    November 28, 2016  |  DeChantal McGinn#paidsearch
    Stop sending your traffic to your homepage. An optimized landing page is a superior choice and will increase conversions from your PPC traffic.
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