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  • Adding Geographic Targeting to AdWords in Bulk

    Adding in geographic targeting can be a great way to boost your account’s performance. Whether it’s implementing positive bid modifiers in areas where you’re performing well, or implementing negative modifiers where you aren’t doing so well. It’s easy enough to add location targeting to one campaign manually and then copy the settings over to all […]

  • The SEO Value of Social Media: 4 SEO Benefits of Social Channels

    Having a strong social media strategy is an integral component to any successful digital marketing approach. Often, businesses know it is important to embrace social media but begin to doubt its potential after dedicating time and money to its cause over a long period of time. Aside from being an excellent way to communicate directly […]

  • Google’s Next Big Algorithm Update

    Once again Google is updating their organic search algorithm and the target is mobile. Google has announced that a new algorithm update will be launched on April 21 to clean up and optimize organic mobile search results. Although Google has mentioned in that past that responsive and mobile friendly websites may see small boosts in […]