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  • Search Companion Ads – A New Way to Target on the GDN

    As the world’s number one search engine, Google is constantly evolving to offer advertisers new innovative ways to get in front of consumers. Search Companion Marketing (SCM) is a new method for targeting users on the Google Display Network. Further, SCM is based on the search query of the user to determine which ad to [...]

  • Google: Not Provided Hits Paid Search Queries…..Now What?

    It’s a trumor (true rumor)!   Last week it leaked on Search Engine Land that like organic search, Google was now going to start blocking query data in Google.  Google has since then released that it was indeed true.  In the very near future Google will begin blocking or not passing query data from paid search [...]

  • Multi-Click Attribution: Is it Real?

    Multi-click attribution is one of the biggest buzz words in the world of paid search.  Advertisers rave about the value of the first click and any sales pitch worth a grain of salt will bring up an assisted click or u-shape bidding model in the first five minutes of their pitch. But is there really [...]