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  • How Much Does Google Make? Search Engine Market Share 2014-2015

    Ever since Firefox changed over their default search engine from Google to Yahoo (powered by Bing), there has been some commotion over Google’s shrinking market share. Most people know that search engines are a business, but don’t actually realize how much money search giants make and what a shrinking market share can really mean. Let’s […]

  • A Quick Look at Bing Ads Intelligence Tool

    Google keyword planner, auction insights, query and data reports, and more, all built into one convenient Excel add-on. Because it is built into Excel directly, everything it generates is already built into spreadsheet format for easy pivoting, bulksheet generation, etc. Download it from the BingAds Intelligence page then install (requires Microsoft Visual Studio Tools and […]

  • Top Performing Banner Sizes on Google Display Network

    As a common rule of thumb, wider ad sizes tend to perform better than tall ads. This is because wider ad sizes tend to flow the same way we read, from left to right (at least in English). Therefore, wider ads allow readers to comfortably read more text in a single glance. To better understand […]