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  • Solving Mobile’s Biggest Challenge with Push!

    As any mobile marketer can attest, the mobile audience has one of the shortest, yet most valuable, attention spans around. With app analytics platform Localytics reporting that 20% of all apps are used only once, marketers must find better ways to retain their audiences if they hope to cash in on their acquisition efforts. A […]

  • Preparing Your Backlink Profile For The Google Penguin 3.0 Update

    A new Google Penguin update is no longer a rumor, but now the main focus is when the update will hit. Recently in a Google+ Hangout John Mueller was quoted as saying “engineers are working on it [Penguin 3.0]” and admits that it is “not far away”. Since we know a Penguin 3.0 update is […]

  • Close Match Variant – What does it Mean?

    If you’re like me, when you search on Google, you’re regularly typing in something that is close to the query you were looking for, but not quite 100% the correct word.  Whether that’s as a result of a misspelling (I before E, except after C, unless you’re searching for something weird or foreign), or a […]