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  • Commercial Action Ads

    Google is expanding their feed-based search ad services with the roll out of Commercial Action ads. Commercial Action Ads are a revolutionary ad format that does away with all the traditional text Ad elements. These ad formats are almost unrecognizable as they lack headlines, description lines and display URLs.  Instead this beta offers an ultra-minimalist […]

  • Build Your Relationship – Success in the Competitive Digital Agency Arena

    Late this September my colleague and I had the opportunity to attend Google’s Partner Summit as well as the Kenshoo K8 Summit. Designed to engage further with their clients, both events had many similar components – consisting of a variety of speaking series from thought leaders as well roundtables and sessions with agencies similar to […]

  • Blog, Shopping Campaigns Now Available on Search Partners

    Last month Google announced that Shopping campaigns would be available on Google Search Partners in addition to Google Search. This release increases advertisers reach to markets outside of Google owned properties. One of these publishers includes the retail giant, Walmart.com. Ads are now able to appear as the result of a direct search within a […]