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  • Distance Reporting & Targeting for Location Extensions

    Google recently announced on Google+ the rollout of new distance reporting and targeting features for location extensions. The distance report can be found under the Dimensions tab and allows you to view impressions, clicks, costs and conversions data, segmented by the distance users were located when they viewed your ad (between 0.7 miles and 40 […]

  • Leveraging Brand Mentions to Build Quality Inbound Links

    SEO has changed so drastically over the past few years inciting cries of “SEO is Dead” across the interwebs. This was even truer for link building with the release of multiple Penguin algorithm updates. However, SEO and specifically link building are not dead, they have just evolved to a higher level. Link building is still […]

  • Google EU Now Aiding Elimination of Incrimination

    In May, Europe’s highest court declared that people have the right to decide and influence what internet users could learn about them through searches online. They argued that search engines, like Google, should allow users to become “forgotten” after a certain amount of time when websites linking to them are erased, unless Google deems otherwise. […]