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Apple Search Ads – Initial Impressions and Starter Tips

After much awaited anticipation, Apple Search Ads is now officially live, opening up the Promise Land for mobile app marketers. It’s important to learn the new terminology of this platform before getting started. Initial impressions and starter tips will help guide your company when setting up your account for this platform.

A Closer Look at AdWords’ Update to Keyword Quality Scores

Google has officially decided to apply a null Quality Score to keywords that are new or have low recent impression and click data. Google will exclude keywords with null Quality Scores from reports and automated rules that include Quality Score filters but you do have the option to include them. Find out what Google advised marketers to check for.

Google AdWords Goes from ‘Converted Click’ to ‘Conversions’ This Month

This month advertisers must say goodbye to “converted clicks” and say hello to “conversions”. in Google AdWords. Google has been making the “conversion” metric more sophisticated over the years, so find out what this will mean for marketers who use “converted click” as a metric for their campaigns

5 Helpful Mid-Year Paid Search Audits To Perform

When it comes to paid search campaigns you need to continuously keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs and search trends. Paid search audits allow businesses to engage in comprehensive evaluations of their online marketing strategies and adjust accordingly.

Outlining AdWords’ Latest Features

Consumers are becoming more reliant on mobile devices and mobile websites. As marketers, we need to keep up. Luckily, Google is here to help.

A Personal Approach to Search: Moving Beyond the Keyword

Over the last few years, Google and Bing have been rolling out features which allow search marketers to leverage increasingly complex audience data including remarketing lists for search ads, demographics for search, device bid adjustments, and household income targeting. While looking at these features on their own can help trim the fat and improve campaign efficiency, if you consider them together it becomes apparent that the future of search is moving beyond just a keyword.

How to Prepare for Seasonal Performance Shifts

Seasonal changes call for varying paid search practices based on shifts in customer behavior. As marketers and advertisers, we have recognized this with holiday shopping discounts and back-to-school ads. These seasonal occurrences are very predictable since they happen each year. But certain seasonal changes aren’t, making it more difficult to improve paid search strategies.

When Your Brand Terms are Being Rocked by Competition

Brand term coverage is a smart strategy to protect a Brand, particularly when competitive ads start showing up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These terms also tend to have high Quality Scores and CTR with lower CPCs. But what happens when CPCs start to spike, average position and Impression Share falls? To top it all off, Conversions and their efficiency start to go down as well!