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Advertisers Should Utilize GDN Responsive Ads

For a long time many advertisers have used text ads to reach users on the Google Display Network (GDN), however as of Jan 31, users were no longer able to edit or create text ads. GDN responsive ads are known for their easily customizable messaging capabilities, and here’s why you should utilize them.

Google to Display Local Retail Phone Numbers When Location Extensions Show in Ads

Starting today, Google indicates it will show the local retail phone number when that store’s location extension shows in an ad. This may even be the case when a call extension in the campaign shows a different phone number. Such an update is about increasing the relevance of ads that feature location-specific businesses. However, this can throw a wrench in your call tracking. Find out the pros and cons here, as well as a way to opt out.

Perks of Google Promotion Extensions

A new feature of ad extensions that are currently in the works offers a range of benefits, which is why you need to get it on your radar. Review all the perks of the Google Promotions extension and why this could be useful to get a higher CTR.

4 Different Ways to use Amazon Sponsored Promotions

Using Amazon Sponsored Products will allow you to have more power over your product merchandising. Product Sponsored ads help boost the visibility of products when shoppers search with keywords you bid on, but there are some important best practices to keep in mind when you set up yours.

Why Small Businesses Should Do Paid Search

Have a small business and believe you have no time for Paid Search? Think again. Your small business can succeed with paid search marketing by honing in on a few things covered in this blog post.

Cross-Device Usage & Google’s Redefined Privacy Policy

Google understands that cross-device usage impacts how search engine marketers create campaigns to reach users through multiple mediums. With the increase in mobile usage, marketers must know how mobile ties into the success of a campaign.