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Tips for Segmenting Your Paid Social Campaigns

As you grow your paid social efforts it’s important to segment campaigns in order to increase spend and drive efficiencies. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.

What Will Advertising in Instagram Stories Mean for Snapchat?

Instagram users should expect to see ads in their Stories soon. The new video ads could turn out to be a big win for Instagram. Find out how and what this could mean for Snapchat in Katy Lucey’s new blog post.

The Case for Facebook for B2B Advertisers

B2B Marketers often look to LinkedIn for their Paid Social ads. However, Facebook shouldn’t be overlooked as a channel for marketing. Find out why Facebook might be the better choice for your needs here.

What’s New with Facebook Offer Claim Ads?

Although Facebook Offer Claims were first introduced in 2012, a recent revamp has upped the game. They allow Facebook advertisers to get their promotions in front of their audience and create a sense of urgency amongst other features that help ensure prospective clients redeem the offer. Learn the benefits here.

CMOs Plan Big Spends on Social Media

How are CMOs across the United States allocating their marketing budgets? One report shows a big increase in Social Media Advertising over the past five years. Find out why.

Generating Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Revel Systems saw 619x more leads, 74% lower cost per lead, and a 17.7x increase in lead rate after approaching Elite SEM to help them achieve their Paid Social goals.

Facebook Tests Targeting to Groups

Facebook is testing targeting to Groups. But why does this matter to marketers? Well, Facebook Groups offer the easiest way to generate ad dollars through traditional browsing.

How to Grow Leads with Social Media Advertising

Lead generation is only the beginning of the equation if you want to boost your sales figures. Lead nurturing allows you to usher consumers through the buying cycle at their individual pace. If you want a fast and largely hands-off way to nurture your leads, consider social media advertising.

The True Power of Social Data

Typically, the data that marketers seek on consumers is scattered across the Internet. One website might track a user ID associated with a purchase history, another might have an email address on file, and yet another may capture interests. But thus far it’s been extremely difficult trying to bring all of those individual data points… Read more »