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Google Testing Filter Buttons for Shopping Ads: What’s It Mean for You?

Google has been exploring ways to improve shopping ads for advertisers and consumers lately. The team overseeing this project is in the process of testing product filter buttons to enlarge lead generation. These buttons are placed with product listing ads of Google search results.

How to Get Started Writing AdWords Scripts

There’s no doubt the process of succeeding at conversion optimization is a complicated one. From search marketing to social media advertising, you have a lot on your hands to deal with. But you only have two hands and limited time to execute all of your amazing business plans. This is where AdWords Scripts comes into place.

Google Shopping – What’s Changed in the Last Year?

Like many aspects of Internet marketing, Google Shopping changes from time to time based on user experience studies and other metrics. Essentially, Google wants to deliver the best possible experience, which means adjusting its algorithms and approach.

Industry Report: Search & Shopping Trends (2015/2014)

This report was compiled to help our clients and fellow digital marketers gain insight into the 2015-16 digital landscape, particularly in Paid Search and Shopping. We have also included a snapshot of Q1 2016 for a preview of what’s going on this year in digital marketing.

How to Convert: Top 10 CRO Tips

Companies implement marketing campaigns such as paid search and SEO to attract as many visitors as possible to their site with the hopes of converting them once on they are there. However, this is only half the battle.

Google’s New Manufacturer Center: Tipping the Scale for Brand Owners

Google Manufacturer Center allows users to “provide authoritative product information to online shoppers.”[1] This offers new opportunities for merchants to interact with potential customers while accurately representing their product offerings.

Bing Updates to Google’s Shopping Structure

As it does with most aspects of SEM, Bing updated its current structure of product listing ads to Google’s structure of Shopping that it launched last summer. This new Shopping structure allows marketers to optimize their campaigns with significantly more segmentation, as those familiar with the Google PLA to Shopping update will recall.