Prioritize. Strategize. Optimize. Repeat.

Elite SEM offers a broad variety of services for both Lead Generation and E-commerce clients, including Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services that encompass both landing page and conversion path testing. Utilizing industry-leading testing platforms and tools, our team of CRO experts provides in-depth optimization strategy and execution aimed at decreasing user bounce rates, while increasing overall conversion rates and client revenue.

Elite’s CRO team is 100% data driven, and strives for results by utilizing expert testing experience, industry best practices, user data, and iterative testing strategies. With our highly structured and systematic approach, we are dedicated to improving your site’s performance as defined by your business’s particular objectives and needs.

Not Just CRO Experts—
We’re Digital Marketing Experts

At Elite SEM, our strength comes with our experience: we’re not just CRO experts, we’re digital marketing experts. With a knowledge base that expands well beyond user experience, our team’s comprehension of SEM, SEO, Display, and Social ensures that we understand your business from every possible angle. And we capitalize on this knowledge to set our partners up for success.

Unlike our competitors, we won’t tie you to a lengthy contract, either. All of our CRO engagements last for just 4 months, after which time they move to a month-to-month agreement. We believe that our results speak for themselves, and trust that our engagements reflect our steadfast commitment to the success of our partners.

100% Transparency, 100% Collaboration

As children, we were told that secrets don’t make friends, and at Elite SEM, we believe that secrets don’t make for good partnerships, either. We pride ourselves in providing 100% transparency with each and every engagement. Because of this, each testing account belongs to our clients, and we provide them with full access to the same data and reporting that we have.

This high level of transparency allows us to work collaboratively with clients, to achieve continued success with testing.

Optimized Landing Pages Capture Users, Post-Click

CRO helps to align the user’s initial pre-click motivation with their post-click intentions. Elite SEM’s team of managers identifies frictional elements throughout the post-click experience, and then works to remedy them. Using a comprehensive data analysis, we aim to answer the following questions throughout the process:

  • Why are users on your page?
  • What actions should they take while on-page?
  • Why should they be taking these actions?

The best way to answer these queries is by applying iterative testing, and allowing the data to tell the complete story.

A Data-Driven Approach
Through Constant Testing

By utilizing pre-determined conversion and bounce rates in conjunction with analytics to guide our testing methodology, we let the data speak for itself through our ongoing and thorough reporting.

This extensive reporting is ultimately a result of our iterative testing methods. The CRO team works with you to clearly identify your business’s primary goals and objectives; then, we offer in-depth testing to achieve those objectives. We know there‘s no such thing as a “perfect page,” but we believe that with steady and comprehensive testing, we can help our clients to identify robust means to improve upon their current pages.

Core CRO Services

Competitive Analysis

Elite SEM’s Competitive Analysis and Audit not only identifies your site’s specific pain points, but also works to remedy them by providing recommendations based on both analytics and industry best practices.

Landing Page Testing

Our testing platform (Optimizely), enables us to execute effective A/B, Multivariate, and Multi-Page tests for a variety of landing pages, assessing everything from specific page elements to complete page redesign. Whether it be Lead Generation or Ecommerce, our testing strategy always revolves around your users and how they each engage with your site.

Conversion Path Testing

Our approach extends beyond the first click, because identifying and testing frictional areas within the conversion funnel allows us to decrease bounce rates while increasing user engagement and click-through. Identifying and eliminating road blocks within your conversion funnel further allows us to execute methodical, data-driven testing initiatives.

Problem/Solution Consultation

Our Problem/Solution Consultation approach allows us to not only understand your primary pain points, but also enables us to work toward a viable solution through in-depth analysis and research.

Design and Development

We believe the key to any long-term testing strategy involves testing a variety of pages, and leaves no solution off the table, including complete redesign. We understand that not all clients have the time or resources to design and develop pages internally, so Elite SEM provides complete design and HTML development services to all full service clients.

Heat Map Tracking and Analysis

Determining on-page user behavior is taken to the next level through the use of our heat-mapping tools. Our monthly analysis and recommendations allow Elite SEM to effectively pinpoint specific areas for growth and conversion lift.

Technology & Tools to Help
Better Understand Your Site

All CRO experts are Platform Certified to use primary testing tools that identify user preferences, while isolating customization opportunities on the page.


We are Certified Partners with the industry-acclaimed testing platform whose robust features include A|B, Multivariate and Multi-Page testing options.

Crazy Egg

The industry-leading heat mapping tool is directly integrated with the Optimizely platform, and provides several tracking options. A heat map is an easy way to understand what users want, what they care about, and what they do on your site through a visual representation of their clicks.


This tool takes our clients into a deeper understanding of their users, and how those users specifically behave while on their site. Recording all mouse movements and clicks, we watch video playback of how users engage with your pages, how far down the page they are scrolling, and where they may be getting hung up within form fields, so we can further optimize your users’ on-page experience.

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