Achieving ROI Goals Through Efficient, Personalized Campaign Management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to be one of the fastest growing advertising media, year after year. More and more, consumers shop on websites instead of in stores; they read blogs instead of magazines; and they watch videos via online channels instead of on television channels. If you’re not tapping into the audience for your products or services where they now shop, read and live, then your business is missing out.

Paid Search marketing puts your business’s advertising messages in front of a research-based audience, using ads that are served from the most trusted advertising networks, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Your ads are instantly served to a large audience, but you only pay for the instances that solicit a click-through, thanks to the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model.

Elite SEM’s expert analysts manage your Paid Search campaigns based on enterprise reporting suites. Our record shows that our depth of tracking, results-based campaign management, and near-instant ability to alter ad content have led to a history of success for our clients. Return on Investment (ROI) is accomplished efficiently and with personalized attention when you put your SEM campaigns under the watchful eye of Elite SEM Paid Search marketing experts.

100% Transparency, and
Our Clients Own the Data

Elite SEM Paid Search campaigns target potential customers through 100% transparent processes and we share the resulting data with our clients, building trust in the process. Our clients’ ROI is always the gauge of Elite SEM’s success. By engaging directly with our clients, Elite SEM’s online marketing experts can tweak ad messaging, alter branding, and update links nearly instantaneously to accomplish each paid search ROI goal.

Elite SEM prides itself on being a technology-agnostic digital marketing agency. The approach we use leverages our SEM experts’ vast experience to apply the latest extensions, best reporting, and most effective campaign management tools for all of our clients’ paid search needs. Because of this, Elite SEM guarantees that our clients’ PPC SEM campaigns are in capable hands, ensuring success every time.

Consistent Account Teams
Lead to Consistent Performance

At Elite SEM, each member of our expert SEM staff is certified for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads/Yahoo; all account managers have two years of experience; and all senior account managers have at least five years of experience. These experts are as invested in our clients’ SEM campaign as they are, because their income is directly reliant on the success of your campaign.

This way of working ensures that Elite SEM paid search account managers are always studying clients’ customized reports, testing optimizations, tweaking ad text, and seeking the best return from your campaign, and they are always available 24-7 to support your business and address your concerns.

In fact, Elite SEM has so much faith in our team of paid search experts, that we offer a 24 to 48-hour out clause to all service contracts, giving our clients the option to end their campaign on short notice if they aren’t fully satisfied.

Core Paid Search Services

Paid Search Account Audit

Elite SEM can review your current paid search accounts (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Advertising) and unveil new opportunities for increased efficiency and performance. From low-hanging fruit and quick fixes, to tailored campaign plans aligned with your company’s goals, the account audit establishes the perfect foundation to our agency/ client relationship.

Paid Search/ Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign Management

Relevant, scalable, and eminently trackable, Elite SEM’s paid search campaigns are run by experts who are certified to run successful campaigns on the three largest search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo!


Mobile Advertising Campaign Management

Every day, consumers are doing more and more web browsing on their mobile devices. Elite SEM Mobile ad campaigns target this growing demographic of on-the-go web browsers, offering your business access to tomorrow’s customers, today.

U.S. Hispanic Marketing Campaign Management

Statistics show that Hispanic Internet users are a growing demographic amongst internet consumers, and one that comfortably switches between languages and can often be difficult to reach. Elite SEM digital marketing experts have experience preparing online marketing campaigns designed to reach everyone.

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