A User-Focused Approach to Increasing Brand Visibility and Organic Traffic

Elite SEM works with clients to develop both short- and long-term SEO strategies that are fully customized to the unique needs of a business. Over the years, the field of Search Engine Optimization has evolved, to the point where the industry has now come full circle. Many businesses discover that their online presence is difficult to track down; if this is the case with your business, then let Elite SEM help you to increase your search visibility, while growing organic traffic to your web properties.

Elite SEO takes a holistic approach to SEO that’s geared towards creating a satisfying and worthwhile user experience. Regardless of any campaign’s nature – be it technical, content-driven, social, or a search visibility optimization – Elite SEM believes in focusing an approach that privileges the user’s experience. By doing this, our clients reap the benefits of SEO.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and at Elite SEM, we have always been strong advocates when it comes to following Google’s best practices. Our track record of success working with many different clients across several industries and verticals (including ecommerce and lead gen) speaks for itself.

Core SEO Services

Technical & Structural Review

Your website needs to function well in order to provide a quality experience for both users and the search engines. Elite SEM has experience working with many different content management systems and with developers of all stripes.

Content Creation and Optimization

The ongoing development of high quality content is crucial for building your brand’s authority and page rankings. Elite SEM will help you to create a content strategy and provide optimization recommendations to help your content rank better. We also specialize in developing the content on your behalf.

Blog Optimization

A blog can be a great asset to help grow your business’s search presence while building a community around your brand. Elite SEM will help you to optimize your blog and the content being published there.

Social SEO

Social Media indirectly benefits SEO and can be a great tool to help boost your ongoing SEO efforts. Elite SEM will help you to build the necessary synergy between your business’s SEO and social efforts.

Search Visibility Optimization

SEO is not just about your website, it’s also about the optimization and influence of third-party profiles and features in Google Search. Whether its Knowledge Graph, Instant Answers, Rich Snippets, or Local Search, Elite SEM will help you to capitalize on every available opportunity.


Links are still a core ranking factor, but they can be very difficult to acquire and can easily lead to penalties if they are not done correctly. Elite SEM will help you to develop a strategy that helps you get natural inbound links by taking a content marketing and PR approach.

Mobile Site Review

Mobile search traffic has surpassed desktop search traffic. Elite SEM will review your mobile site setup to ensure that you are creating an optimal mobile user experience.

SEO Reporting

Elite SEM provides full service and customizable reporting, which includes data on organic traffic, conversions, revenue, keyword rankings, site indexation, crawl stats, and much more.

SEO Technology & Tools

Elite SEM employs a large variety of SEO tools to monitor, analyze and report campaign details to our clients. When you partner with us, you will save on the costs of having to develop and manage these tools internally. Here are a few of the tools that Elite SEM utilizes:

  • STAT – Keyword Rank Tracking and SERP analytics
  • MOZ – Full SEO tool set including competitive insights
  • Screaming Frog – Crawl and spider tool
  • Deep Crawl – Enterprise-level crawling
  • Majestic – Backlink analysis and tracking

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