Growing Client Accounts and Getting the Best Possible Return

At Elite SEM, the goal of the Shopping & Feed Division is to provide the best available Shopping solution, and to help grow your accounts with the best return possible. In order to do this, we actively manage a number of different services, including Google Shopping & Bing Shopping, Data Feed Management, and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs).

Our Shopping & Feed Division provides a full-service solution, importing your raw data feed, manipulating and optimizing the feed for each particular channel, and managing your campaigns and accounts with complete oversight.

Our highly trained team will provide you with insightful strategy and execution for the feed, as well as for campaign management and optimization.

Core Shopping & Feed Services

Google Shopping & Bing Shopping

Full Service Team and Continuous Monitoring of All Accounts

Because of Shopping’s rapid growth across the industry, your brand needs a dedicated team to help you manage your presence in the marketplace – it’s essential for success. The members of our Shopping & Feed Division have great knowledge and experience within this space. Elite SEM manages all aspects of Google Shopping & Bing Shopping campaigns, for clients that feature a few thousand products, and clients with tens of millions of products.

As part of our strategy, we continuously optimize the campaign to maximize results and to gain the best return on investment. Through our use of data feed platforms, we transform your data to create a much fuller and robust feed; from that point, we structure the account accordingly and break out items using key data points. Leveraging the power of strong segmentation (having more than just a handful of breakouts), we’re able to bid more efficiently, to improve budget allocation, and to prioritize strong areas vs. weak ones.

We also work closely with our Paid Search team to ensure success and relevant learning across the entire account. When products perform well for Shopping, for example, we’re able to quickly build out those particular products within Paid Search, and vice versa.

Data Feed Management

Continuous Optimization to Maximize ROI

At Elite SEM, we believe strongly in the importance of data feed quality (learn more about this in our POV paper). Each data point plays a role in the success of a Shopping campaign, and we optimize toward each of those data points.

Our Shopping & Feed Division experts are able to transform any raw data feed into an optimized product feed, by importing your raw data, then manipulating the data for each unique channel. Whether it’s related to Google Shopping or Bing Shopping, CSEs, Display/Retargeting, or Social Media, our team manages your data to bring you the highest quality results possible.

We work with industry-leading data feed management platforms, including ProductsUp, Mercent, and GoDataFeed.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE)

Evaluating the Competition to Stay One Step Ahead

Elite SEM’s Shopping & Feed Division focuses on the full spectrum of the CSE landscape, and not just on a single aspect of it, actively looking for new opportunities and researching your brand’s competition within the CSE landscape.

Because of this strategy, we’re able to list our client’s products on various CSEs, including eBay Commerce Network, Polyvore, Shopzilla/Connexity, Nextag & more. Just as we do with Google Shopping & Bing Shopping, we optimize your data for each individual channel, ensuring maximum return on investment.


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