2019 Digital Growth Summit
Deep Dive Sessions

Deep Dive Strategy Sessions

Want a second pair of eyes on your Facebook ad account? Think you’re overvaluing display? Want more strategic advice on your approach to email marketing or SEO?

Deep Dives are 1-on-1 sessions in which we pair you with experts from our team in hopes to uncover opportunities that you can take back to the office with you to drive better performance for your business.

If you’re approved to attend the Summit, make the most of your time and sign up for a Deep Dive strategy session with Elite Channel Experts from Paid Search, Paid Social, Amazon, Email Marketing, Analytics, SEO, and more.

If you are already an Elite SEM client, these Deep Dives are an opportunity for our team to review channels and strategies not already managed by your account team. If you’d like a deeper look into the services we currently work with you on, please speak with your Account Manager.

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