attribution modeling

What Is Attribution Modeling + 11 Models For 2019


In today’s complex digital landscape, most of your visitors will engage with your business through multiple touchpoints before becoming a customer. With the right attribution modeling in place, businesses can identify and attribute which digital assets — from an email to a display ad — resulted in a conversion. Here’s a brief primer on popular… Read more »

Experts Share 9 Email Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make


Despite the sheer number of marketing platforms available, email is still one of the most effective mediums out there today. But just because email marketing has been around for a while, doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. Just like the very consumers we’re trying to reach, email marketing has evolved over the years — and as… Read more »


The Best Visual Analytics Tools for Cross-Channel Data Insights


Analytics can be overwhelming — even for experienced marketing pros and advertisers. It seems every day there’s a new KPI, a new metric and a new trend you can track, and staying abreast of it all — let alone extracting actionable insights from it — just gets harder and harder. Fortunately, visualization tools can help…. Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook To Migrate Advertisers To Campaign Budget Optimization


Facebook recently announced that it will migrate all accounts to Campaign Budget Optimization beginning in September of this year. This sweeping change means that advertisers will effectively lose control of ad spend at the ad-group level, relying on Facebook instead to direct spend in what it deems to be the most efficient use of spend… Read more »

affiliate coupon marketing

How To Get Started With Affiliate Coupon and Deal Sites


Coupons work and can be a great addition to an omni-channel marketing strategy. However, the world of coupon websites can be tricky to navigate. If you’re considering adding coupon sites to your brand’s marketing mix, here are a few things you should know before getting started.

Zach Morrison, CEO /// Ben Kirshner, Chairman of the Board

Announcement: Zach Morrison Promoted To CEO


Today is a very special day for me personally. After 15 years, I am stepping down as CEO of Elite SEM and transitioning to Chairman of the Board. At the same time, I’m happy to announce that Zach Morrison, former President of Elite SEM, has been promoted to the CEO role.

Post Holiday Email marketing best practices

Post-Holiday Email Marketing Best Practices


Post-holiday is a great time to complete a thorough review of your email marketing program and strategy. Here are our top tips for starting the new year out on the right foot.

paid social design trends

10 Paid Social Design Trends in 2018 You’ll See More of in 2019


In 2018, companies did very big, bold things with their design and marketing. Here are 10 of our favorite social media advertising design trends from this past year and why we think these trends will continue to succeed in 2019.