Author: Abby Stone

Google: Not Provided Hits Paid Search Queries…..Now What?

It’s a trumor (true rumor)!   Last week it leaked on Search Engine Land that like organic search, Google was now going to start blocking query data in Google.  Google has since then released that it was indeed true.  In the very near future Google will begin blocking or not passing query data from paid search… Read more »

Yahoo Announces Gemini

Yahoo introduced Yahoo Gemini, the world’s first & only marketplace for both mobile search & native advertising.  Why the name Gemini?  Gemini is Latin for twins & it’s simply a play on words, that Yahoo is bringing together these 2 concepts of mobile & native advertising. The Facts:  On March 10th for select advertisers who… Read more »

Going for Gold in Search Engine Marketing

Like most people around the world, I have been doing my fair share of watching the Olympics. One of my favorites this year has been the Ice Dancing competition, the outfits have been flashy, the routines have been a mix of the basic sit spin to the quadruple salchow jump, competition fierce & while there… Read more »

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the 2013 Holiday Season

Winter is coming. Just like the characters on the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones,” we, as Search Engine Marketers, must also prepare for the upcoming days of the Holiday Season. From seasonal keywords to strategically planning ahead, preparation is key when it comes to surviving the crazy days ahead. With that in mind, Elite… Read more »