Author: Alan Hernandez

Kick Off the New Year Right: Tips On Cleaning Up Your PPC Accounts

The New Year is right around the corner and as 2013 comes to an end it’s time to consider cleaning up your PPC accounts in preparation for 2014. For most advertisers, it’s normal to see fluctuations in account performance throughout the year, of which can be attributed to factors such as: seasonality, competition, brand reputation,… Read more »

Big Changes Coming To Google & PPC in 2014

By Alan Hernandez As many of you know, Google launched Enhanced Campaigns earlier this year which brought many changes to AdWords and SEM. Following up those changes to AdWords, Google will be rolling out 6 new additions in 2014. Appearance of Ads Will Change First appearing in the UK and on mobile devices, Google has… Read more »

Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2013 – Evolution of the Mobile Revolution

Retailers kicked off yet another holiday season and opened their doors to mobs of deal-hungry and bargain-hunting shoppers; only this year these “mobs” came in the form of online shoppers. With a 27% increase in paid search spend, a 19.7% increase in online sales, and a 43% increase in mobile sales over 2012, there is… Read more »

Google Enables Review Extensions For All Advertisers

Back in June, Google released the Review Extension, a beta to display third-party reviews within ads. Google has now enabled this feature for all advertisers and AdWords accounts, which they should see in the next few days within the Ad Extensions dropdown menu in AdWords. Not to be confused with Seller Ratings Extensions, Review Extensions… Read more »

Excel Tricks for Bulk Ad Group Formatting

Do you do bulk ad group and keyword buildouts in Excel, and are you looking to save time formatting your excel sheet for uploading? If so, you should continue reading!  This trick is going to be the most beneficial if you are dealing with many ad groups and keyword sets. Let’s take the AdWords Editor… Read more »

AdWords Auction Insights Report: Run Reports on Multiple Keywords

As an addition to last year’s Auction Insights Report update, Google AdWords now gives search engine marketers the ability to run reports on multiple keywords instead of just a single keyword. If you are unfamiliar with the Auction Insights Report, this report allows advertisers to compare their performance against the performance of other auction participants…. Read more »

Elite SEM Company Retreat Recap

The Value of a Company Retreat On June 24th, the Elite SEM team got together for our annual, company-wide retreat “Fun Week” previously known as “Fun Day.”  With teams coming from all over the United States, we all convened at our NYC headquarters to start off the week of fun and learning. At the beginning… Read more »

Elite SEM Google Agency Search Engine Marketing Training Day 2013

On June 25th, Elite SEM employees flew in from all corners of the U.S. for Elite SEM’s company-wide retreat “Fun Week.”  The entire company took 3 days off for a week filled with learning and fun.  To kick-start Fun Week, the Elite SEM team attended our very own Google Agency Training Day Summit hosted by… Read more »