Author: Alexandra Kukler

Facebook Tests Targeting to Groups

Facebook is testing targeting to Groups. But why does this matter to marketers? Well, Facebook Groups offer the easiest way to generate ad dollars through traditional browsing.

Instagram Announces Business Profiles

Instagram can almost be considered a paradise for digital marketing agencies. For brands specializing in food service to fitness products, Instagram is a resourceful option for spreading awareness, converting followers to paying customers, and growing their financial opportunities. The viral capabilities it offers businesses allow them to maximize their consumer reach unlike other social networks. Fortunately, things are going to get better as Instagram increases its market research and promotion capacities.

Twitter Embraces Longer Pre-Roll Ads

When Twitter first offered pre-roll video ads, the company limited those videos to six seconds or less. When media publishers created video for their Twitter feeds, the pre-roll ads would play first, but six seconds didn’t offer much time for brands to get the word out.