Author: Anthony De Pascale

Google Makes 2 Key Changes to AdWords Dynamic Search Ads

A DSA appears when a consumer searches for a particular word or phrase that matches your campaign’s criteria. Recently, Google has made two key changes to DSAs that might improve your campaign workflow and your ROI. Learn what they are here.

Adding Geographic Targeting to AdWords in Bulk

Adding in geographic targeting can be a great way to boost your account’s performance. Whether it’s implementing positive bid modifiers in areas where you’re performing well, or implementing negative modifiers where you aren’t doing so well. It’s easy enough to add location targeting to one campaign manually and then copy the settings over to all… Read more »

Landing Page Testing in Doubleclick

Clients big or small across all industries face the same fundamental question, where to direct traffic to? Advertisers have a slew of options to do landing page testing, either through vendors or by doing cumbersome manual changes and metric tracking, which can take months. Fortunately, Doubleclick has an inventive feature which allows users to split… Read more »