Author: Anthony Saladino

What You Need to Know About Google Marketing Live

Did you miss 2018 Google Marketing Live keynote? Here’s our recap of what you need to know about the future of search, marketing, automation, and machine learning.

Should You Be Using Foreign Language Ads?

Should you be using foreign language ads? You might be missing out if you aren’t. Check your traffic and learn how to implement this strategy to help your Paid Search campaigns.

5 Helpful Mid-Year Paid Search Audits To Perform

When it comes to paid search campaigns you need to continuously keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs and search trends. Paid search audits allow businesses to engage in comprehensive evaluations of their online marketing strategies and adjust accordingly.

The SEO Value of Social Media: 4 SEO Benefits of Social Channels

Having a strong social media strategy is an integral component to any successful digital marketing approach. Often, businesses know it is important to embrace social media but begin to doubt its potential after dedicating time and money to its cause over a long period of time. Aside from being an excellent way to communicate directly… Read more »