Author: Chris Michalak

Google Updates Close Variant Matching

In a move that will affect all advertisers and marketers, Google will be making key changes to its close variant matching, adding rewording and reordering. Get the breakdown of this update and how you can prepare with this helpful blog post.

5 Analytics Reports You Should Be Using Now

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in front of a computer staring at the same reports over and over again. You feel there has to be something more to help push the envelope for your campaigns. There has to be more you can utilize to take your efforts to the next level, right? Well, now… Read more »

Preparing For Peak SEM Season

We’re getting down to the wire in the National Football League as the Super Bowl nears. Only four teams are left to decide who goes onto the big game. As I watched a ton of football over the past few weeks, I couldn’t help but think about how these teams progressed to where they are…. Read more »

Owning Your Brand, So Your Competitors Don’t

Think of the last time you purchased an item or service. What influenced you to choose that particular item or service? Did the price sway you? Did you recognize the brand? Or did you just plain “go with it” on impulse? What was your experience like? In a recent survey, almost 70% of US consumers… Read more »

Audience Targets: The New Kid in Town

Hey keywords, remember when we first met? Okay, I don’t remember when we first met, but admitting is the first step. From a junior paid search manager to a seasoned veteran, keywords have been the first word to come to mind when thinking of paid search. Keywords are the fuel that keeps the search machine… Read more »

The Importance/Rise of Mobile C2C

Phone Calls: The Metric You Aren’t Considering Before the days of online shopping, consumers had to complete a purchase the old fashioned way: in store or over the phone. Let’s face it, despite how advanced we’ve become, some people just prefer to make their purchase over the phone. As the slides below show, consumers are… Read more »