Author: Craig Hammitt

Content Marketing: Why Advertisers Should Invest In Themselves

Are you a publisher with tons of content and an active blog? If so, content marketing is a must for you! Content marketing is a method in which an advertiser provides relevant and steady content to users in order to…

Search Companion Ads – A New Way to Target on the GDN

As the world’s number one search engine, Google is constantly evolving to offer advertisers new innovative ways to get in front of consumers. Search Companion Marketing (SCM) is a new method for targeting users on the Google Display Network. Further, SCM is based on the search query of the user to determine which ad to… Read more »

Search Query Report – A Quick Win in Your AdWords Campaign

Whether you have new or long running campaigns, performing and acting on data in a search query report is a quick method of improving performance. Search query reports (SQRs) show you exactly what a user searches to trigger a search keyword where your ad is displayed. These reports can provide meaningful insight into particular words… Read more »