Author: Greg Swan

Greg graduated from CSU Sacramento with a degree in International Relations. After teaching English to junior high students in Istanbul for four years, he returned to California to pursue writing on tech and digital marketing.

What Is Attribution Modeling + 11 Models For 2019

In today’s complex digital landscape, most of your visitors will engage with your business through multiple touchpoints before becoming a customer. With the right attribution modeling in place, businesses can identify and attribute which digital assets — from an email to a display ad — resulted in a conversion. Here’s a brief primer on popular… Read more »

Facebook To Migrate Advertisers To Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook recently announced that it will migrate all accounts to Campaign Budget Optimization beginning in September of this year. This sweeping change means that advertisers will effectively lose control of ad spend at the ad-group level, relying on Facebook instead to direct spend in what it deems to be the most efficient use of spend… Read more »