Author: Greg Swan

Greg graduated from CSU Sacramento with a degree in International Relations. After teaching English to junior high students in Istanbul for four years, he returned to California to pursue writing on tech and digital marketing.

Google Announces Move To First Price Auction For Programmatic Display & Video

  Google recently announced that it will be transitioning publisher inventory to a first price auction for Google Ad Manager.   This is a welcomed change that will bring the industry closer to having a truly unified auction where all supply partners, including Google, will compete equally once the update goes into effect, a change… Read more »

15 Tactics to Grow Your Instagram Following in 2019

  If you’re not growing your Instagram following in 2019, you’re missing out. Instagram is an enormous opportunity for brands that can maintain and grow an active following: • It now has over 1 billion monthly active, highly-engaged users • These users create over 95 million posts per day • 400 million users are now… Read more »

Google Average Positions Update: What It Means

  Google is retiring its Average Position metric in favor of four new prominence metrics originally announced at the end of last year.  Advertisers use the Average Position metric as a reporting indicator of where a specific ad fell in Google search results. To date, an advertiser’s guiding light for budgeting and bidding search engine… Read more »

The Top 8 Facebook Ads of 2018

  Let’s face it: there are many variables in Facebook advertising that can make the difference between a mediocre ad and one that blows up with engagement and conversions. You can change up the copy or the creative, revamp a landing page, add in different targeting, keywords and even calls-to-action.  CTA options. The variables are… Read more »

Elite SEM Wins Big at 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards

Elite SEM celebrated wins across multiple categories during Pubcon’s Interactive 2019 Marketing Awards gala ceremony on March 6 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Elite SEM scored trophies for “Best PPC Campaign” and “Best Interactive Marketing, Charity/Non-Profit” for their work on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Elite SEM was also shortlisted for “Best SEO… Read more »

Google Introduces Shoppable Image Ads

  Google introduced a new ad format that features shoppable ads within Google Image search results at this week’s Shoptalk conference. The new shoppable ads on Google Images surface for broad search queries and have been compared to similar image ads that are popular on Facebook and Pinterest. In addition to testing this new format with… Read more »

Why You Need Brand Ambassadors to Succeed on Social

  In the age of Instagram, influencer marketing is everywhere: Influencers contributed over 1.5 million Instagram posts in 2017. Brand ambassadors have become an important part of influencer marketing for driving authentic conversation and engagement. As millennials — the generation with the largest buying power in the US — move away from traditional media and… Read more »

Google Adds Rich Media To Product Pages, Expands Product Feeds To Search

  Google is significantly improving the visibility of product information pages with rich media, Search placements, real-time Merchant Center uploads, and more starting this month. Retailers will now be able to add additional product information to their product pages such as descriptions, variations, and rich media (video included) via Manufacturer Center. All retailers will now… Read more »

10 Simple but Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

  With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with a one-sided conversation with brands. Bringing your customers into conversations and making them feel like a part of your brand story and community has replaced the traditional in-your-face push model of marketing campaigns. Enter customer engagement marketing: an… Read more »

Email Marketing Automation Strategies For 2019

Despite being marketing’s oldest channel, the fact is that email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for any business today. According to, 80% of professionals surveyed said that email marketing is effective at both acquiring and retaining customers. Email marketing is changing, however. Advances in automation have enabled marketers to segment… Read more »