Author: Jackson Salzman

The Case for Video View Campaigns in Facebook

Facebook’s Video View Campaigns are a great customer acquisition tactic that should be incorporated in your paid social marketing strategies. Here’s a quick explanation for why this is the case.

Do These 3 Things for Immediate ROI with Your Instagram Ads

Are you advertising on Instagram, but experiencing lackluster results? Maybe you need to make a few tweaks to your strategy. Paid social can prove extremely lucrative in terms of ROI, but only if you know how to segment your audiences effectively, install relevant Pixels, and remarket to engaged prospects. Here are three things you can… Read more »

Paid Social – The Game of Social Advertising

Get ready to swipe right or left as different scenarios are presented for different social platforms. Find out which decisions are the best and why in this fun format.

Facebook Auction Overlap Tool: A True Game Changer

This game changer not only lets you check your ad set targeting to make sure your audiences aren’t overlapping, causing you to lose impressions, but also offers valuable insight into your ads to make sure you spend your budget efficiently.

5 Simple Tests to Optimize Your Pinterest Promoted Pins Blog Post

If you’re hoping to optimize your Pinterest promoted pins, there are several strategies you can take to boost ROI and increase visibility. It’s not uncommon for businesses to make a few mistakes when they first start a promoted pins campaign, but these five methods will help you generate results.