Author: Jesse Eisenberg

3 Reasons Why You Need to Download the Google Primer App

The app goes way beyond Paid Search/SEM — the content has been built by experts across many industries, so there is something for everyone to learn, and you can choose which subjects you are interested in.

The Power of Auction Insights

One of the most insightful features Google AdWords has released is the Auction Insights tool.  This feature allows advertisers to see: 1)  The impression share they are receiving on a given keyword, ad group, or campaign (percentage of impressions they are receiving divided by the total number of possible impressions available) 2)  Top of page… Read more »

Four Qualities That Make a Great Search Engine Marketer

Have you ever wondered or been asked “What makes a great Search Engine Marketer?” Sure, there are certain skills that are very important when hiring someone with experience (knowledge of bid tools, Microsoft Office, etc.), but I am a strong believer that it is the characteristics a person already possesses that make a great Search… Read more »