Author: Joe Douress

Joe Douress is a SEO Team Lead for Elite SEM. He brings a decade of agency experience, with a focus on technical optimization, site migrations and content strategies. Ever curious, Joe has built several of his own websites which he treats as a virtual sandbox for testing SEO strategies.

Enterprise E-Commerce SEO: What It Takes to Scale Success

When it comes to Enterprise E-Commerce SEO, does the size of your website really matter? The answer is YES! The skills, strategy, and approach needed for SEO success for an enterprise website can be much different than for a smaller-scale website.

Mobile SEO in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile usage is growing everyday and companies need to keep up or get left in the dust. Google is coming up with ways that benefit Mobile SEO in 2016 and the future that could give your company a competitive advantage. From AMPs to updating algorithms, find out what’s in store and learn how to maximize your site for mobile-performance.

The Importance of Cross-Channel Synergy & How to Get There

It’s vital for businesses to have clear cross-division synergy. This type of teamwork not only helps each division accomplish their tasks but also helps the business as a whole reach their goal. But exactly how do you accomplish this type of synergy?

SEO: Ongoing Website Monitoring in Google Webmaster Tools

In this post, we’ll review how to use Google Webmaster Tools to efficiently manage and monitor your site’s performance on an ongoing basis. In case you missed it, check out our previous post about how to setup and use Google Webmaster Tools to get the full scope of its reporting and management abilities. Once you’ve… Read more »

How to Setup and Use Google Webmaster Tools

At Elite SEM, one of the first items we request from new SEO clients is access to their site’s Google Webmaster Tools account. Google Webmaster Tools is a fundamental aspect of monitoring your site’s health and keeping up with technical elements that affect performance of SEO. It allows you to check for any notifications or… Read more »