Author: Katy Lucey

Tips on Using Your CRM for Your Social Ad Campaigns

CRM data can be used for many purposes, but one great way to utilize it is for improved social ad campaign ROI. Most social networks — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more — allow you to upload huge data sets via CSV or TXT files. Learn more here.

Tips for Segmenting Your Paid Social Campaigns

As you grow your paid social efforts it’s important to segment campaigns in order to increase spend and drive efficiencies. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.

What Will Advertising in Instagram Stories Mean for Snapchat?

Instagram users should expect to see ads in their Stories soon. The new video ads could turn out to be a big win for Instagram. Find out how and what this could mean for Snapchat in Katy Lucey’s new blog post.

Snapchat Surging Ahead of Social Media Rivals

Snapchat is expecting substantial growth in American users this year. Its user base is predicted to increase by 27.2 percent, allowing it to acquire 58.6 million new people. Furthermore, its expansion will go beyond that of general mobile messaging. This category will grow by 16 percent. Compared to other social media platforms, Snapchat is still in the lead.

Keep Calm and Trust in Instagram’s Algorithmic Feed Update

For anyone in marketing who’s been paying enough attention to know that Facebook owns Instagram, the announcement earlier this year that Instagram would be creating an algorithm to help its users see updates in their feed that they “care most about,” probably wasn’t much of a surprise.

MarTech article on Ad Delivery on Instagram and Facebook

There are more than one billion users across Facebook and Instagram. In order to ensure that your ads are shown, they need to win in the auction. The auction works to show the most relevant ads to each user, so there are a few things advertisers can do to ensure they reach the right people.

What to Know About Canvas, Facebook’s New Ad Unit

Mobile advertising has received significant attention over the last year, and Facebook’s new Canvas offering is just one example of the ways in which mobile devices have shaped our consumption of content. Canvas is part advertisement and part microsite, which makes it a unique platform for engaging your audience.