Author: Kellie York

Microsoft Unveils Plans to Integrate LinkedIn and Bing Data for Advertisers

Google’s AdWords is still the preeminent online advertising service, but that hasn’t stopped pay-per-click challengers like Microsoft from making moves. Learn about their recent announcement and how they plan on leveraging Bing, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Graph API.

Google Tests New App Search Strategy

Google has announced a new feature that might increase the engagement factor for apps and encourage consumers to only download apps that they intend to use.

We Are Livin’ in a Multi-Screen World, and I am a Multi-Screen Girl!

Let’s face it; we’re a nation of Multi-Screeners. Most of our time is spent in front of some sort of screen. I bet that before you clicked on this blog, you were surfing the net and occasionally checking your phone for texts from your special someone (alas, it was from your mom). Even further, last… Read more »

The Benefits of Bid Management Platforms

Why are bid management tools so valuable this day and age for advertisers? Kellie York lists the reasons how they have simplified the optimization process and improved all-around performance.