Author: Kelsey Fortner

How to Get the Most Out of Bing Image Extensions

Images are an essential part of building your brand online. According to marketing expert Heidi Cohen, adding an image to a piece of content can attract 94 percent more views than a piece of content with text only. This is why Bing’s announcement about Bing Image Extensions is such a welcome development for marketers.

AdWords’ New Display Summary Kicks A$$

In July, AdWords released a new “Summary” option under the “Display Network” tab that provides advertisers with high-level insights. This view contains a table highlighting the following key performance stats: clicks, CTR, impressions, conversions, CPO, conversion rate and cost. In addition, there are graphs illustrating click trends, top performing keywords and demographics. From my experience… Read more »

Bulk Uploading ZIP Codes in Bing Ads Editor

Google’s and Bing’s granularity of geographic targeting is a great way to get granular with your campaigns. Uploading zip codes in bulk can be cumbersome, though.

AdWords Gets Website Call Conversion Tracking

Google changes the game of website call tracking with their newest announcement. This falls in line with Google’s continued emphasis on multi-channel attribution throughout this year. Starting immediately, countries with Call Forwarding availability can use AdWord’s conversion tracking to change the phone number on your site to a Google call forwarding number. This will allow… Read more »

What Apple’s WWDC 2014 Announcements Mean for PPC

Like many Apple diehards, my Monday afternoon was spent nerding out over Apple’s latest announcements. After recovering from the letdown of no mention of a new iPhone or iPad at this time, I began to dig into the specifics of the announcements they did make. The focus of this WWDC keynote was the new features… Read more »

Harnessing the Power of Dynamic Search Ads

For some clients, keyword creation is a cinch! Couple products, some keyword variation and “Boom”, you’re done. For other clients with hundreds if not thousands of products, keyword builds can get out of control. Google’s release of Dynamic Search Ads make keyword coverage and expansion easier. Dynamic Search Ads scan your website and decide when… Read more »

The Search Engine Certification Roadmap

Want to get Google Adwords or Bing Ads certified? These days, being certified as a Google Adwords or Bing Ads (MSN) Professional can be a great way to stand out in a competitive job market. Being officially certified is also a great way to assure your clients and colleagues you know what you’re doing. For… Read more »

Elite SEM Atlanta runs America’s Sweetest Race

What could be better than running through downtown Atlanta to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities? – A few thousand gallons of hot chocolate waiting for you at the end! The Atlanta Elite team set their sights on running America’s Sweetest Race back in October when the whole office signed up for the 5K. This… Read more »