Author: Lawrence Yang

Competitive Insights & Analysis: How to View the Competition

Analyzing your own business’s web traffic, conversions, advertising effectiveness, and other data remains important, but have you forgotten about your competition? Conducting regular competitor analysis allows you to capitalize on markets your competition consistently ignores and to identify new ways to reach your audience.

Bing Ads Intelligence: Useful Tools and Research Options | Elite SEM

What is Bing Ads Intelligence? It’s a keyword planner, auction insights, query and data reports, and more, all built into one convenient Excel add-on. Because it is built into Excel directly, everything it generates is already built into spreadsheet format for easy pivoting, bulksheet generation, etc. Download it from the Bing Ads Intelligence page then… Read more »

Keyboard Shortcuts and Efficiency

Before delving into the shortcuts themselves, take a look at the keyboard you are using. Having a well laid-out keyboard with all the necessary keys goes a long way to increasing work efficiency. Laptop keyboards and Mac keyboards in particular are notorious for omitting some surprisingly important keys. I would suggest a simple, cheap solution… Read more »

Marin Dimensions and the Importance of Proper Tagging | Elite SEM

Implementation ADMIN Dimensions [+Create] “Dimension:” is what you want to name the dimension “Description:” allows you to attach a brief description of the purpose of the dimension Advanced Settings- “Mode:” “tagging” allows you to tag a dimension, “tagging and rollup” allows you to see reporting Basic Usage of Custom Value in Marin At the most… Read more »

Speed Reading

I’ve always been a fast reader, so any technology that claims it can improve reading speed by as much as 2-4x is something that perks my interest. I came across an interesting startup, Spritz, which does exactly that- it claims it can speed up reading to as much as 500 WPM. Considering the average reading… Read more »