Author: Mark Fillmore

Mark heads up the SEO department at Elite SEM and has over 15 years of experience in SEO & website design. In the past he's managed teams of developers and designers at a Los Angeles marketing agency and a wireless software company, and owned/operated several successful small businesses (including, which was acquired by a private company).

Google Does Away with Authorship Images & Circles

Search Engine Watch recently blogged that according to Google’s John Mueller, the search engine will stop showing Google+ connected author images and circle counts alongside their search results. Anyone performing a search recently will have seen that this has indeed gone into effect. Before After Not surprisingly, Mueller says that they’re making this decision based… Read more »

Google’s Natural Language Efforts Taking Inspiration from Star Trek

Google Natural Language Goal:Like Using a Star Trek Computer! Sorry Star Wars, you just lost another, another, another, another technical superiority battle against Star Trek. Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts, just announced that the future of digital search at Google is being modeled after Star Trek computers. I know it’s a tough pill to… Read more »