Author: Martin Lewis

How Google Plans to Improve Autocomplete Suggestions

Project Owl, Google’s attempt to improve autocomplete search suggestions, involves allowing users to submit feedback. What else does it entail? Read this post to learn more.

Do I Really Need to Bid on my Brand Terms?

When you’re bidding on keywords for a paid search campaign, you might feel tempted to neglect branded terms. After all, you’ve put considerable effort into organic SEO, so why should you funnel money into the same work your website already does?

Broad Match: The Hyperactive Match Type

As an internet marketer, most of my time optimizing campaigns is spent focusing on keywords that perform well, which are often measured by ROAS, Orders or Leads. Usually, the keywords with the best return are exact and phrase match. And since I get the best value for my marketing dollars here, I want to maximize… Read more »