Author: Nicole Smith

Why Non-Brand Search Actually Works

Many marketers find non-brand keywords or campaigns to be the black sheep of the family, when in fact this is not the case. Find out why non-brand search can actually help you.

5 Best Practices for Ad Copy Testing

Testing offers the ultimate opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of two different pieces of ad copy. You’re pitting one sample against the others to see which generates the most conversions and creates the most revenue.

Top 5 Holiday Trends from the 2015 Bing Retail Summit

On July 15, Microsoft hosted their first ever NYC Bing Retail Summit. The summit included advertisers and brands coming together to learn about Bing’s new enhancements along with tips and tricks for the upcoming holiday season. During the summit, there was a panel of industry professionals, along with Elite SEM’s own Sr. Account Executive, Yad… Read more »

3 Ways Web Queries Can Save Hours

As a Paid Search Marketer, we are constantly spending hours upon hours going through hundreds of thousands of rows of data. We do this weekly, daily, hourly, by the second. With so much data, we can easily spend hours on one task trying to make meaningful stories out of so much info. For re-occurring tasks… Read more »

LinkedIn Advertising 101: A Brief Introduction

As social media advertising continues to grow, more brands and advertisers are adding social as part of their overall marketing mix. LinkedIn is one platform that many advertisers may be overlooking.  Year over year LinkedIn audience growth has been pretty substantial.  As of Q1 2014, LinkedIn now has over 277 million worldwide users.  This number… Read more »