Author: Pat Hayden

Google Expanded Text Ads Showing Stronger Results Than Expected!

This is an update to an Elite SEM Point-of-View blog post from around a month ago, and an expansion of several items covered in our announcement back in May of Google’s intent to change the rules for their Text Ads. In the time that’s elapsed since we first reported the coming changes, beta testing of the new program has begun and initial results seem very strong – stronger than Google claimed they would be – and stronger than many in the industry expected.

Google Announces “Expanded Text Ads”

Google announced “Expanded Text Ads”, now in beta, that will roll out in Q4 of this year. This means extra real estate across all devices.

There Is Plenty of “What” – We Need More “Why”

Each year millions and millions of dollars are leaving the traditional advertising channels and headed toward digital marketing efforts thanks not only to strong results but also the ability to show what happened, where and WHY. One of the best things going for digital, aside from a constantly evolving channel, is the access and granularity… Read more »

Understanding The Rollercoaster Of Results

Ever come into the office and are stumped as to why numbers look so good week over week or why numbers suddenly look down? Heavy excel work and pivot tables were sometimes required to find that core issue that caused the fluctuation but Google finally made it easier for advertisers. During the summer of 2013,… Read more »

They Call It Lead Gen But It Needs To Be Measured As Sales Gen

Lead Generation is arguably one of the most popular ways to utilize pay-per click advertising and has been for quite some time. A user searches for something related to your business or offering, engages with your ad and then takes the necessary steps on your site to be considered a lead. Then what happens? These… Read more »