Author: Preston Paynter

Facebook Integrates With CRMs

Facebook Lead Ads have been a great way for companies to obtain new leads, but the process of uploading their information into CRMs was a nuisance. However, Facebook has finally opened the feature allowing the leads to be uploaded directly to CRM systems. Find out which systems are compatible in this blog post!

What’s New with Facebook Offer Claim Ads?

Although Facebook Offer Claims were first introduced in 2012, a recent revamp has upped the game. They allow Facebook advertisers to get their promotions in front of their audience and create a sense of urgency amongst other features that help ensure prospective clients redeem the offer. Learn the benefits here.

The True Power of Social Data

Typically, the data that marketers seek on consumers is scattered across the Internet. One website might track a user ID associated with a purchase history, another might have an email address on file, and yet another may capture interests. But thus far it’s been extremely difficult trying to bring all of those individual data points… Read more »

5 Ways to Set Yourself Apart on Social Media

Social media seems to be everywhere these days. It’s a flood of information where everyone seems to have an opinion on something. So how do you stand out in this sea of endless information?