Author: Sara Leaf

Sara joined the Elite SEM Atlanta office as one of the founding team members of the SEO division. She is Google Analytics certified and along with her accounts, also manages content creation and production for the division. Sara is an avid college football fan (go Dawgs) and a self-diagnosed television addict.

Four Reasons To Include AMP In Your SEO Plans

What is AMP and why is it important to your SEO plans? Accelerated Mobile Pages are vital to business websites because of a variety of reasons. Although not yet a ranking factor for Google, it’s better to implement them now than wait until it’s too late.

Diagnosing a Too-Perfect Bounce Rate

Recently, our team had a surprise while reviewing our client’s Google Analytics numbers. Our client’s bounce rate had diminished to nearly 0%. That’s right, we were seeing a near perfect bounce rate of .44%. Instead of patting ourselves on the back and awarding ourselves SEOs of the year, we instantly assumed the worst: there must be a reason behind this bounce rate pseudo-perfection.

Safe Browsing: How Safe Are You?

There’s some pretty scary stuff out there on Internet. From Donald Trump memes to Making a Murderer conspiracy theories, how do you know if your Grandma’s innocent link on Facebook is truly safe to click on?

Get Up & Live: A Tribute to Zachary Ciperski

Live every day to fullest. That was the mindset of beloved employee and friend of Elite, Zachary Ciperski. Whether it was visiting over 55 countries or giving back to the communities he loved, Zach’s wanderlust spirit and generous nature…

Relearning the Alphabet (Hint: it now starts with G)

We relearned the alphabet. It now starts with the letter “G.” Google announced last week that it would be reorganizing itself into a holding company called Alphabet. Not a rebrand, but a classic, (billion dollar) restructure. Google is once again changing the game, restructuring to better position itself moving forward. After all, there was no… Read more »

Matt Cutts “On Leave” While SEO World Burns

It all started July 3. With the perfect backdrop of a major holiday weekend, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, announced his three month leave of absence on his blog. No email, no working, no fighting web spam. They say timing is everything. And almost three months into his break, it’s becoming suspiciously convenient… Read more »

Search No Further for the Right SEO Client Services

There’s an old adage that each client is as unique as its title tag. Okay, perhaps that’s just a cheesy, new age SEO saying. Regardless, what does that mean for you and your clients? It means that SEO client services must cater to your specific type of client. From E-commerce to B2B, SEO recommendations vary… Read more »

Easy Misses: Staying On Top of Your SEM Game

I recently watched a video that tests your awareness of a situation. A quick synopsis of the video for those of you who don’t want or have the time to watch: Two teams, one white and one black, the viewer is supposed to count how many times the white team passes the basketball. At some… Read more »

Bold Predictions: What’s Next for SEO in 2014

There’s no doubt that 2013 has been filled with plenty of SEO game changers. From Hummingbird to Penguin updates, SEOs have been on their toes throughout the past year. What can we expect for SEO in 2014? To start, build your strategy upon the recent SEO updates from 2013. Link quality and quality content are… Read more »