Author: Sarah Costa

A Closer Look at AdWords’ Update to Keyword Quality Scores

Google has officially decided to apply a null Quality Score to keywords that are new or have low recent impression and click data. Google will exclude keywords with null Quality Scores from reports and automated rules that include Quality Score filters but you do have the option to include them. Find out what Google advised marketers to check for.

AdWords Offers More Control of Structured Snippet Extensions

When Google debuted dynamic structured snippets back in March, they were an ad extension with the ability to automatically appear within ads for retail, hotel and flight related searches. We were not given the ability to edit the text of the snippets at the time. Text was taken from the content found on an advertiser’s… Read more »

Distance Reporting & Targeting for Location Extensions

Google recently announced on Google+ the rollout of new distance reporting and targeting features for location extensions. The distance report can be found under the Dimensions tab and allows you to view impressions, clicks, costs and conversions data, segmented by the distance users were located when they viewed your ad (between 0.7 miles and 40… Read more »

3 Essential But Often Overlooked AdWords Settings

Over the years I have done several account audits for clients looking to improve their AdWords efforts. Some of the clients were managing their own campaigns at the time; others had outside agency managing it for them. In both cases, I’ve noticed many accounts lack use of some basic but important settings that AdWords offers…. Read more »