LinkedIn founder on Elite SEM’s headhunter policy: “Awesome.”

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of professional networking platform LinkedIn, joined The Motley Fool’s Tom Gardner for a podcast interview last week (Oct. 17, 2014 episode) and had some kind words to say for one of our more unconventional company policies.

Anyone at Elite SEM who gets a recruiting call, and tells CEO Ben Kirshner about it, gets a bottle of wine. Whoever has the most bottles of wine at the end of the year gets a trip to Napa Valley for being so popular.

Hoffman’s reaction to that idea:

“Great idea. And great idea because it [brings] an open, honest conversation. That should be paired with conversations about where you’re going, what’s your transformational tour of duty, and all the rest of that stuff… but the open honesty and trust of it?… is awesome.”

Lucas Hardison
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Lucas Hardison

Lucas is a Philadelphia-based designer who comes to Elite with a background in publishing. Music mags, environment news, miscellaneous trade rags... aside from web and print production he also contributed photos and the occasional write-up. These days it's branding and data viz that keep him whistling while he works.

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