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The Top 8 Facebook Ads of 2018

  Let’s face it: there are many variables in Facebook advertising that can make the difference between a mediocre ad and one that blows up with engagement and conversions. You can change up the copy or the creative, revamp a landing page, add in different targeting, keywords and even calls-to-action.  CTA options. The variables are… Read more »

The Rise of the Customer Data Platform: What It Is and Why You Should Care

One of the marketers’ greatest tools is customer data. The more you know about your ideal customers, the more easily you can understand what they need and value, as well as what kind of messaging connects with them. This is equally true for retaining current customers — you know they’ve been driven to purchase from you… Read more »

10 Simple but Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

  With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with a one-sided conversation with brands. Bringing your customers into conversations and making them feel like a part of your brand story and community has replaced the traditional in-your-face push model of marketing campaigns. Enter customer engagement marketing: an… Read more »

What Is Attribution Modeling + 11 Models For 2019

In today’s complex digital landscape, most of your visitors will engage with your business through multiple touchpoints before becoming a customer. With the right attribution modeling in place, businesses can identify and attribute which digital assets — from an email to a display ad — resulted in a conversion. Here’s a brief primer on popular… Read more »

Variation Testing and Website Tune-Up Lead to Double-Digit Gains

A popular e-commerce auto body parts and supplies client didn’t feel their conversion rates reflected the current stage of their business. Their prices and stocked products were comparable to their competitors, however, their conversion rate remained well below the industry benchmark. Stuck In First Gear Although achieving small improvements on their own using an A/B… Read more »

A Migration Worth Making

weBoost enlisted Elite SEM to guide their e-commerce site migration to the Shopify platform to ensure revenue-boosting SEO performance into the future.