Category: Elite SEM Client Summit 2016

Tackling Mobile and Programmatic

Mobile spend has become a huge contribution to the growth in programmatic. Candii explores this growth within mobile programmatic, what it means, and what are some steps for you to take to tackle challenges that come with the territory.

Navigating the Social Landscape to Reach your Audience

The Social Media landscape is rapidly evolving. Sanjay will showcase some of the noteworthy developments so far and highlight what to expect from the platforms for the rest of the year, helping brands be better prepared and successful with their paid social efforts.

Google SEO: Mobile Search

Google has put heavy focus on mobile search this year, and there’s no signs of slowing down. Joe will explain what this means for your site’s organic visibility and how to improve upon it.

Integrating Digital Efforts With Shopping

Shopping campaigns are growing rapidly in traffic, spend and revenue. Mike will explore the next phase of Shopping & Feed management which is truly connecting with clients’ overall businesses.

Find The Customers Before They Find You

Aaron will explore changes in the search landscape and marketplace, review the expected effects of Google’s major announcements in Q2 as well as how you can prepare for sustained growth.

8 Ways to Maximize Your Agency Relationship

Your strategic ally is your digital agency, so leverage the perks of this exclusive relationship. Zach Morrison reviews the resources that are at your fingertips as a client Elite SEM.

The Unification of Media, Audience, and Creative Optimization

It can be difficult to understand how data and creative work together, especially with programmatic involved. Steelhouse explore ways that can help marketers achieve greater ROIs while tackling this challenge.