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Google Updates Close Variant Matching

In a move that will affect all advertisers and marketers, Google will be making key changes to its close variant matching, adding rewording and reordering. Get the breakdown of this update and how you can prepare with this helpful blog post.

Google Announces “Expanded Text Ads”

Google announced “Expanded Text Ads”, now in beta, that will roll out in Q4 of this year. This means extra real estate across all devices.

The Importance of Cross-Channel Synergy & How to Get There

It’s vital for businesses to have clear cross-division synergy. This type of teamwork not only helps each division accomplish their tasks but also helps the business as a whole reach their goal. But exactly how do you accomplish this type of synergy?

Google Removed Right Rail Ads: Now What?

On Friday, February 19, Google addressed rumors that they were removing right rail ads with a resounding “yup.” Nothing like a good ol’ Friday announcement from our friends at Google to kick the weekend off, eh?

What to Know About the FTC’s Latest Native Guidelines

In its goal to protect consumers from deceptive advertising, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a Commission Enforcement Policy Statement that outlines guidelines for native advertising and related content.

AdWords’ New Display Summary Kicks A$$

In July, AdWords released a new “Summary” option under the “Display Network” tab that provides advertisers with high-level insights. This view contains a table highlighting the following key performance stats: clicks, CTR, impressions, conversions, CPO, conversion rate and cost. In addition, there are graphs illustrating click trends, top performing keywords and demographics. From my experience… Read more »

Instagram Expands Ad Offering

After acquiring the free photo-editing and sharing app for $1 billion in 2012 and launching ads in 2013, Facebook has slowly advanced its ad offerings with carousel and video ads. And although the social networking service has locked down partnerships with major brands, advertising is not open to everyone. That’s all about to change. “Over… Read more »

Relearning the Alphabet (Hint: it now starts with G)

We relearned the alphabet. It now starts with the letter “G.” Google announced last week that it would be reorganizing itself into a holding company called Alphabet. Not a rebrand, but a classic, (billion dollar) restructure. Google is once again changing the game, restructuring to better position itself moving forward. After all, there was no… Read more »