Category: Paid Search

Enhance Customer Experience with Google’s Parallel Tracking

Google recently announced its new feature “Parallel Tracking”, which allows customers who click on your ads to be sent directly to your optimized landing page; the click tracker, URL tracking, and URL redirects, all happen in the background, providing an enhanced user experience. Learn more here.

Microsoft Unveils Plans to Integrate LinkedIn and Bing Data for Advertisers

Google’s AdWords is still the preeminent online advertising service, but that hasn’t stopped pay-per-click challengers like Microsoft from making moves. Learn about their recent announcement and how they plan on leveraging Bing, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Graph API.

Bing Ads Rolls Out AdWords-like Labels

Bing Ads now offers a Labels feature that previously didn’t exist, allowing marketers to have more control over their Paid Search campaigns, along with other benefits. Find out more here.

Google Makes 2 Key Changes to AdWords Dynamic Search Ads

A DSA appears when a consumer searches for a particular word or phrase that matches your campaign’s criteria. Recently, Google has made two key changes to DSAs that might improve your campaign workflow and your ROI. Learn what they are here.

How to Set Up International Targeting within Apple Search Ads

Search ads allow marketers to get their apps to appear at the top of search results as ads, helping increase downloads. So it’s important to understand how targeting works, especially with Apple Search Ads’ international targeting capabilities.

Metasearch and Travel: Cross-Channel Optimizations

For 15 years, Online Travel Agents (OTAs) dominated the travel market. OTAs such as Expedia and established a chain of keywords that ranked high in the search engines. The search was both powered by organic and paid methods. This allows any hotel that ranked higher in the search engines to get the clicks and… Read more »