Category: Paid Search

Google Video in Showcase Ads and Shoppable Image Ads

Get a brief overview of Google’s two new ad formats, Video Showcase Ads and Shoppable Image Ads, and why multi-media ads are more powerful than their plain-text counterparts.

Parallel Tracking: What It Is And Why It Matters

Google recently announced its new feature “Parallel Tracking”, which allows customers who click on your ads to be sent directly to your optimized landing page; the click tracker, URL tracking, and URL redirects, all happen in the background, providing an enhanced user experience. Learn more here.

Apple’s ITP 2.0: What It Is And How To Prepare

Apple’s ITP 2.0, set to roll out this week, will make it significantly more difficult to track users’ behaviors. Here’s what that means for advertisers and how to prepare.

What You Need to Know About Google Marketing Live

Did you miss 2018 Google Marketing Live keynote? Here’s our recap of what you need to know about the future of search, marketing, automation, and machine learning.

Is Your Account Manager Asking the Right Questions?

The best value from PPC is only attainable if your PPC account manager is asking you the right questions to ensure optimization. Review the key topics and questions top PPC account managers ask their clients to optimize marketing performance in this post.