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What You Need to Know About Instagram Stories AutoPlacement

A recent update to Instagram Stories ad placement has allowed them to be more accessible and address one of the biggest challenges advertisers faced on this platform. Instagram will now take your existing image/copy in a feed ad and automatically generate a Story ad that can be used without any additional work from the advertiser. Learn more in this post.

The Age of Snapchat and How to Use This Rapidly Growing Platform

Snapchat has had some ups and downs since it’s launch in 2012, but it’s always evolving. Lately, the biggest changes to the platform come in the form of advertising options making it a stronger competitor against other social media advertising platforms.

The Case for Video View Campaigns in Facebook

Facebook’s Video View Campaigns are a great customer acquisition tactic that should be incorporated in your paid social marketing strategies. Here’s a quick explanation for why this is the case.

An In-Depth Look at Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads feature automatically tests multiple variations of a single ad within a targeting group. Learn what this feature means for you and your business and why it’ll save you time!

Snapchat Making Big Moves in 2018

Snapchat has been making some big moves in 2018. From completely redesigning their platform to adding analytics features, get the breakdown of this popular platform’s updates.

The Effects of Facebook’s News Feed Update on Paid Advertising

Facebook announced some major updates to its News Feed that will affect users and publishers in the coming months. Let’s dive into the real story behind what the update entails and how it will affect businesses who leverage the platform for marketing purposes.

Food Delivery Company Sees 222% Revenue Increase on Facebook and Instagram

With an influx of competition, this food delivery company had to become more strategic with their advertising. They needed a new agency with experience taking a granular approach to social advertising across creative, targeting, and bidding. This is where Elite SEM came into play.

What You Need to Know about Facebook Analytics

Over 2 billion people are on Facebook, and with Facebook Analytics marketers have a powerful behavioral analytics solution at their fingertips that lets you measure, understand, and optimize your campaigns.