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Tips on Using Your CRM for Your Social Ad Campaigns

CRM data can be used for many purposes, but one great way to utilize it is for improved social ad campaign ROI. Most social networks — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more — allow you to upload huge data sets via CSV or TXT files. Learn more here.

Facebook is Putting Ads in the Middle of Videos

What are mid-roll ads? Learn what you need to know about mid-roll ads when you advertise with Facebook in this post. Find out how these ads will perform compared to pre-roll ads.

Snapchat Announces New Self-Service Platform

Snapchat announced that they are releasing a new Self-Service platform to the public in July. This big news has some asking what this means for advertisers and agencies. Find out here.

Facebook Auction Overlap Tool: A True Game Changer

This game changer not only lets you check your ad set targeting to make sure your audiences aren’t overlapping, causing you to lose impressions, but also offers valuable insight into your ads to make sure you spend your budget efficiently.

Facebook Integrates With CRMs

Facebook Lead Ads have been a great way for companies to obtain new leads, but the process of uploading their information into CRMs was a nuisance. However, Facebook has finally opened the feature allowing the leads to be uploaded directly to CRM systems. Find out which systems are compatible in this blog post!

Tips for Segmenting Your Paid Social Campaigns

As you grow your paid social efforts it’s important to segment campaigns in order to increase spend and drive efficiencies. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this goal.

What Will Advertising in Instagram Stories Mean for Snapchat?

Instagram users should expect to see ads in their Stories soon. The new video ads could turn out to be a big win for Instagram. Find out how and what this could mean for Snapchat in Katy Lucey’s new blog post.

The Case for Facebook for B2B Advertisers

B2B Marketers often look to LinkedIn for their Paid Social ads. However, Facebook shouldn’t be overlooked as a channel for marketing. Find out why Facebook might be the better choice for your needs here.