Category: Performance Display

Sizmek’s New Ad Serving Platform: An Overview

With Google’s recent move to restrict the flow of their unique user IDs to their own systems, there has been an opening in the ad serving space. Learn more about Sizmek’s new platform and why they say it may fill the void.

Using Dynamic Creative to Cut Through the Noise

Dynamic creative is a great way to show catered creative based off of factors like the user’s individual preferences, geographic location, and their search history. Learn how to utilize this approach to help strengthen brand loyalty and drive customer engagement.

Display Ads in Augmented Reality: The Future is Here

No, augmented reality (AR) is not science fiction. In fact, in the world of digital marketing, AR technology is taking hold right now. Some of the most widely recognized brands are using AR technology to forever change how customers interact with their brands. Find out why AR is such a hot topic!

How to Best Measure Your Video Campaign

Video is one of the best ways to promote your product. To achieve the highest ROI possible, be sure to follow these tips when it comes time to plan your next video!

Should You Consider Programmatic Creative?

Programmatic advertising is an effective buying method for display campaigns, however, few advertisers consider programmatic creative. Find out why you might be missing out on a better ROI.