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Retail Report: Search and Shopping Trends 2018

In this marketing report, Elite SEM’s experts in Paid Search and Shopping review the important changes that impacted digital marketing. Stay on top of the latest trends and get expert insights for future decisions.

A Guide to Google Shopping Showcase Ads

Learn what Google shopping showcase ads are and how you can use them to help your brand’s lead generation. Enjoy this simple introduction to setting up your own showcase ads.

Google Updates Mobile Shopping Results

Google has announced several updates to improve the mobile user experience during the holiday season. Find out what these updates are in this insightful post.

Why Retailers Need to Be Optimized and Competitive on Google Shopping Right Now

Why should retailers be competitive on Google? Other than Google being the preeminent search engine, the dominant player in online advertising, and the first place consumers look to research a retailer’s reputation, there are other reasons retailers should optimize on this search engine.

Holiday Prep: How to Get Ahead with Advanced Planning

With each new year, holiday shopping becomes more complex, more competitive, and in many ways, more cutthroat as retailers go toe-to-toe in an endless pursuit of customers. Here’s some helpful advice on how to get ready.

Bing Rolls Out Merchant Promotions Program

Bing’s Merchant Promotions program, which finally rolled out a few months ago, can improve user experience while allowing advertisers to include “special offer” extensions to their ads. Learn more!

Industry Report: Search & Shopping Trends (2016/2015)

Our Insight & Analytics team takes a look at the numbers and analyzes the sweeping changes that took place in 2016. Using aggregated client data, this Search & Shopping Trends industry report shines a light ahead for clearer thinking and brighter decision-making in 2017.

Metasearch And Travel: What You Need To Know

Metasearch is growing in popularity, especially for the Travel industry. Find out what Metasearch is and how it helps travelers book their next trip.