Out-of-Stock SEO Guide

When a product runs out of stock, it’s vital to follow SEO best practices so your organic rank and traffic are not negatively impacted. There are various opportunities to ensure that maximum SEO value is retained, but it all comes down to the type of out-of-stock product pages your site has.

Is your out-of-stock product seasonal, removed permanently, or temporarily unavailable? All of these factors present unique opportunities as well as best practice protocol, which are listed and explained in this helpful guide.

Read this “Out-of-Stock” SEO Guide to learn:

  • When different products require different actions (404 vs. redirects)
  • How to handle seasonal product pages
  • Protocol for permanently expired product pages
  • How to create a process for out-of-stock products going forward
  • What you should NEVER do

Download our guide to get started.