Elite SEM Client Summit 2017 (NYC)

2017 Elite SEM Client Summit

Achieving Peak Performance

Thursday, June 22 2017 (10:00am - 5:30pm EDT)

Google NYC

New York City, NY


Reaching Your Digital Marketing Goals

Elite SEM Client Summit 2017 was one for the books!

The information and expertise that was shared along with the great location (thanks to Google) all added up to a great event, but the attendees and speakers themselves are what made this even more spectacular. From learning about the key pillars of Integrated Media strategy to hearing about one man’s amazing journey to the top of Mount Everest with only one lung, there wasn’t a dull moment.

If you were not able to attend, fear not! The presentations and slides are now available for you to view.

Download the slide decks or watch the video, or do both! After all, knowledge is meant to be shared. Enjoy!


Zach Morrison | President | Elite SEM

Jaime Smith | Director of Integrated Media Strategy | Elite SEM
It’s not about the funnel anymore! It’s all about the customer and finding a balance with the right message at the right time. And this means expanding your KPIs.
Slides (PDF 2.9MB) | Video

Aaron Levy | Senior Team Lead, Paid Search | Elite SEM
“Searching for People”

It’s not just about keywords anymore. Targeting across devices means knowing the intent of your visitors, and creating a campaign structure to match their intent. And add on top of that “people” targeting such as using demographics, as well as Voice Search, there are a lot of layers to consider.
Slides (PDF 5.4MB) | Video

Jackson Salzman | Account Manager, Paid Social | Elite SEM
“Swipe Right for Paid Social”

Get ready to swipe right or left (just like Tinder) as different scenarios are presented for different social platforms. Find out which decisions are the best and why in this fun format.
Slides (PDF 3.3MB) | Video

Candii Woodson | Director of Performance Display | Elite SEM
“Leveraging Video to Impact Your Bottom Line”

Did you know that by 2020 rich media and video will make up an estimated 58% of total digital ad dollars? Why? And how do you take advantage of this trend, especially with consumers moving across devices? It’s all explained in this thought-provoking presentation.
Slides (PDF 1.4MB) | Video

Kendall Giglio | Manager of CRO & Testing Strategy | Elite SEM

Jeff Blettner | Sr. Account Manager, CRO | Elite SEM
Best practices are important, but what works for some does not work for ALL! CRO is context-specific, so not adhering to specific CRO best practices should be considered best practice. So unfortunately, there is no secret sauce to optimization. It’s a continuous cycle. Learn what this means for you in this insightful presentation with real examples.
Slides (PDF 4.9MB) | Video

Top partners showcase new ideas to maximize digital success.

Buyer Genomics
“Using Data to Acquire & Retain High-Value Customers”

Slides (PDF 1.5MB) | Video

Acceleration Partners
“Performance Partnerships: Driving Growth with Affiliate Marketing”

Slides (PDF 5.4MB) | Video

“People-Based Search Targeting FTW”

Slides (PDF 2.0MB) | Video

“Fake News & the End of Trust”

Slides (PDF 5.2MB) | Video

Announcing Sean Swarner
“Using Your Resources to Set Goals & Reach Your Summit”

Panel moderator:
Chris Chang | Sr. Director, Client Services | Elite SEM

Andrew O’Connor | Agency Partner | Kenshoo
Tim Reis | Head of Agency | Google
Greg Fitzgerald | Marketing Director | Brooklinen
Zach Beatty | Director of Growth | HelloFresh
Gina Han | Sr. Acquisition Marketing Manager | Peloton
 Slides (PDF 2.7MB) | Video

Courtney O’Donnell | Team Lead, Shopping & Feed | Elite SEM
“New Routes to Success with Shopping”

With a 43% increase in Shopping ad clicks in Q4 of 2016, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Shopping & Feed. It’s beyond just keywords, it’s about audiences!
Slides (PDF 1.6MB) | Video

Expert Panel
“The State of Retail: From Attribution to Amazon”


Kendall Giglio | Manager of CRO & Testing Strategy | Elite SEM
“CRO for Lead Generation: A Deep Dive”

Expert Panel
“Keys to Conversion: What’s Wrong in 2017?”

Mark Fillmore | VP of Earned Media & Development | Elite SEM
Think you know SEO? Think again. Get the latest Google updates and learn what tools the pros use that you could utilize for your own organic search efforts.
Slides (PDF 1.6MB) | Video

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau | Chief Search Evangelist | Google

See you next year!