Why You Need Brand Ambassadors to Succeed on Social


  In the age of Instagram, influencer marketing is everywhere: Influencers contributed over 1.5 million Instagram posts in 2017. Brand ambassadors have become an important part of influencer marketing for driving authentic conversation and engagement. As millennials — the generation with the largest buying power in the US — move away from traditional media and… Read more »


The Rise of the Customer Data Platform: What It Is and Why You Should Care


One of the marketers’ greatest tools is customer data. The more you know about your ideal customers, the more easily you can understand what they need and value, as well as what kind of messaging connects with them. This is equally true for retaining current customers — you know they’ve been driven to purchase from you… Read more »

google merchant center uploads expand to search

Google Adds Rich Media To Product Pages, Expands Product Feeds To Search


  Google is significantly improving the visibility of product information pages with rich media, Search placements, real-time Merchant Center uploads, and more starting this month. Retailers will now be able to add additional product information to their product pages such as descriptions, variations, and rich media (video included) via Manufacturer Center. All retailers will now… Read more »

10 Simple but Effective Customer Engagement Strategies


  With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with a one-sided conversation with brands. Bringing your customers into conversations and making them feel like a part of your brand story and community has replaced the traditional in-your-face push model of marketing campaigns. Enter customer engagement marketing: an… Read more »


A Complete Guide to Multi Channel Attribution for Brands


In today’s highly digital world, multi-channel selling is the norm. Most retailers operate on Amazon, their own website and even sell through social sites like Facebook and Instagram. There might even be a few hundred brick-and-mortar locations thrown into the mix. Though selling on all these disparate platforms can certainly increase reach and sales, it… Read more »

email automation

Email Marketing Automation Strategies For 2019


Despite being marketing’s oldest channel, the fact is that email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for any business today. According to, 80% of professionals surveyed said that email marketing is effective at both acquiring and retaining customers. Email marketing is changing, however. Advances in automation have enabled marketers to segment… Read more »

attribution modeling

What Is Attribution Modeling + 11 Models For 2019


In today’s complex digital landscape, most of your visitors will engage with your business through multiple touchpoints before becoming a customer. With the right attribution modeling in place, businesses can identify and attribute which digital assets — from an email to a display ad — resulted in a conversion. Here’s a brief primer on popular… Read more »

Experts Share 9 Email Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make


Despite the sheer number of marketing platforms available, email is still one of the most effective mediums out there today. But just because email marketing has been around for a while, doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed. Just like the very consumers we’re trying to reach, email marketing has evolved over the years — and as… Read more »


The Best Visual Analytics Tools for Cross-Channel Data Insights


Analytics can be overwhelming — even for experienced marketing pros and advertisers. It seems every day there’s a new KPI, a new metric and a new trend you can track, and staying abreast of it all — let alone extracting actionable insights from it — just gets harder and harder. Fortunately, visualization tools can help…. Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Scaling Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook To Migrate Advertisers To Campaign Budget Optimization


Facebook recently announced that it will migrate all accounts to Campaign Budget Optimization beginning in September of this year. This sweeping change means that advertisers will effectively lose control of ad spend at the ad-group level, relying on Facebook instead to direct spend in what it deems to be the most efficient use of spend… Read more »