maximizing old blog post

How to Maximize the Organic Value of Old Blog Posts


Learn how to maximize the value of older content with minimal effort. And, more importantly – how these efforts will result in long-term gains for organic search and improved on-site KPIs.

amazons search based retargeting

Amazon Tests Search-Based Retargeting


Learn more about Amazon’s new program that lets advertisers use search queries to retarget across the web and why this is a big step for the Ecommerce giant.

CRO assumptions

Seven Deadly Lead Generation Assumptions


Learn the top 7 assumptions that almost everyone makes that kill conversion rates. If your lead generation efforts have been lackluster lately, identifying and remedying these deadly assumptions will prove critical to future success.

sizmek-ad-serving-platform_1920x1080 (1)

Sizmek’s New Ad Serving Platform: An Overview


With Google’s recent move to restrict the flow of their unique user IDs to their own systems, there has been an opening in the ad serving space. Learn more about Sizmek’s new platform and why they say it may fill the void.

Google Video in Showcase Ads and Shoppable Image Ads


Get a brief overview of Google’s two new ad formats, Video Showcase Ads and Shoppable Image Ads, and why multi-media ads are more powerful than their plain-text counterparts.

Parallel Tracking: What It Is And Why It Matters


Google recently announced its new feature “Parallel Tracking”, which allows customers who click on your ads to be sent directly to your optimized landing page; the click tracker, URL tracking, and URL redirects, all happen in the background, providing an enhanced user experience. Learn more here.

Top Uses Of Google Search Console

Top 6 Uses of Google Search Console for SEO


Elite SEM’s SEO Specialist, Tom Heppard, runs through 6 ways to use Google Search Console to improve your site’s organic visibility and rankings.