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Up-and-coming Shapewear Brand Makes Small Changes to Automated Emails and Improves Conversion Rates by 176%

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When it comes to email marketing, every company faces unique challenges—there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. Some companies need a full-service email marketing agency that can execute campaigns from start to finish. And, other companies just need a little extra help when it comes to strategy.

In the case of an up-and-coming undergarments brand specializing in shapewear, it was the latter. They had a well-established email marketing program in place. Their calendar sends were on-point, and they had automated emails, like abandon cart follow-ups, in place.

However, they didn’t have the internal resources needed to continually restrategize and optimize email workflows, and the performance of their email program had plateaued. They reached out to Elite SEM to help them uncover new and creative ways to boost performance and improve conversions.

Small (But Mighty) Changes

After evaluating their email program, Elite’s email team saw several opportunities where small tweaks in timing, audience segmentation, or creative could have a positive impact on performance.

Rather than make several changes at one time, Elite’s Email team decided to make changes one at a time to better understand the impact each one had on performance. This would help them quickly identify what worked and what didn’t so they could prioritize future changes.
The email team started by outlining and testing changes to 3 automated emails: Abandon Cart, Win-Back, and Welcome.

Abandon Cart Email

For the abandon cart email, the team thought there may be an opportunity to improve conversion by shortening the time frame between email touches.

Timing Sequence Changes
for Email Touches after Cart Abandonment

  Touch #1 Touch #2 Touch #3
Old Timing 2 Hours 2 Days 4 Days
New Timing 1 Hour 1 Day 2 Days

Win-Back Email

The email team also saw that the Win-Back program could benefit by optimizing timing. T2 was moved up to 5 days after T1 instead of 25 days. The purpose of this update was to remind the customer of the sale sooner.

Welcome Email

The Welcome email timing was pretty standard, so the team reviewed the creative for each welcome segment and recommended making a few updates to make the creative more impactful. These changes included updating the creative to match site imagery, which included lifestyle shots that reflected the brand, a bold CTA, more prominent offers, and customer reviews.

Abandon Cart Email: +20% Conversion Rate (T1), +3% Conversion Rate (T2 & T3) /// Win-Back Email: +176% Conversion Rate T2 /// Welcome Email: +20% Conversion Rate

Impactful Results

Abandon Cart Email

By shortening the time between email touches, the team was able to improve conversion rates for touch one 20%, touch two 3%, and touch three 3%.

Win-back Email

By updating the timing of T2 the team saw a conversion rate improvement of 176% within the first two weeks. The team doesn’t plan on stopping here, either. The next update will be to test the offer within the Win-Back to see what kinds of offer will drive another order.

Welcome Email

Within the first month of updating the welcome creative, the email team reported a 20% increase in conversion rate across all of the segments MoM.

This client is a great example of how beneficial it can be for a company to work with an email agency regardless of how big or small their challenge is. With just minor tweaks, we were able to achieve major improvements in email conversion for this up-and-coming undergarment brand. Wondering what we could achieve for you? Let’s chat.

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