• Paid search

    How Google Plans to Improve Autocomplete Suggestions

    May 26, 2017  |  Martin Lewis#search
    Project Owl, Google's attempt to improve autocomplete search suggestions, involves allowing users to submit feedback. What else does it entail? Read this post to learn more.
  • Mobile Apps Unlocked Recap

    May 25, 2017  |  Kevin Ward#apps  #mobile
    The Mobile Apps Unlocked Conference came to an end in Las Vegas, and it was full of interesting takeaways. If you work with Apps, you'll want to read this!
  • Audiences, Audiences Everywhere…Now What?

    May 19, 2017  |  Vani Narayanan#paidsearch
    Retargeting is a great way to get site visitors, especially when you know how to use the best list for your situation. Here's a breakdown of the most popular and profitable lists, along with ideas on how to tactically implement them to reach your audience.
  • Expert Interview Series: Alexa Curtis of A Life In The Fashion Lane

    May 16, 2017  |  Bianca Beckbissinger#fashio
    In our third installment of Expert Series, we talk with founder of A Life In The Fashion Late, Alexa Curtis. Her blog not only discusses fashion, but also promotes a positive self image. We spoke with this social influencer on brands, working with brands, and how she interacts with brands on social media.
  • CRO

    Asking the Right CRO Questions to Get Better Results

    May 15, 2017  |  Richard Scaglione#cro
    When it comes to CRO, most people focus on just getting higher conversion rates. Although you may enjoy a spike in conversions, ask yourself if you had to sacrifice anything to get that spike? That's why CRO should have a more holistic approach.
  • AMP improves mobile performance

    Four Reasons To Include AMP In Your SEO Plans

    May 9, 2017  |  Sara Leaf#seo
    What is AMP and why is it important to your SEO plans? Accelerated Mobile Pages are vital to business websites because of a variety of reasons. Although not yet a ranking factor for Google, it's better to implement them now than wait until it's too late.
  • Snapchat Announces New Self-Service Platform

    May 4, 2017  |  Aleksander Zadrima#paidsocial
    Snapchat announced that they are releasing a new Self-Service platform to the public in July. This big news has some asking what this means for advertisers and agencies. Find out here.
  • Expert Series Craig Patterson

    Expert Interview Series: Craig Patterson of Retail Insider

    May 2, 2017  |  Bianca Beckbissinger#ecommerce  #marketing
    In our second installment of Expert Series, we talk with Craig to hear his thoughts on how e-commerce and online marketing are changing the way that Canadian companies do business.
  • Ad clicks

    Google: 4 Billion Store Visits and Counting Through Ad-Clicks

    April 29, 2017  |  Bianca Beckbissinger
    Google announced that it has tracked more than 4 billion store visits from ads. How, you ask? Find out here!
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