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Google to Roll Out Penalty in January

Google announced two important search marketing changes during August 2016. These changes aim to improve search experience by delivering more desirable content. Dropping the mobile-friendly label from search results is the more immediate of the changes. Before this decision, Google added a mobile-friendly label to assist users in finding readable content. It was aiming for… Read more »

Right Rail Ads Post-Mortem – Two Weeks Later

In case you missed the first post, I made a few predictions about the loss of right rail ads and really wanted to see if I was right or not. Now that we have over a full week behind us now in the after side era, thought it’d be high time to see what sort of data was kicked up when the sky fell. I took a look at all Elite keywords to see what I could find in terms of position trends, volume shifts and CPC roller coasters.

Google Removed Right Rail Ads: Now What?

On Friday, February 19, Google addressed rumors that they were removing right rail ads with a resounding “yup.” Nothing like a good ol’ Friday announcement from our friends at Google to kick the weekend off, eh?