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Apple’s ITP 2.0: What It Is And How To Prepare

Apple’s ITP 2.0, set to roll out this week, will make it significantly more difficult to track users’ behaviors. Here’s what that means for advertisers and how to prepare.

Is Your Account Manager Asking the Right Questions?

The best value from PPC is only attainable if your PPC account manager is asking you the right questions to ensure optimization. Review the key topics and questions top PPC account managers ask their clients to optimize marketing performance in this post.

Should You Bid on Branded Keywords?

Why should you bid on your own branded keywords, especially if you’re dominating organic search? Aside from safeguarding against competition and controlling your brand’s message, there are other reasons to make sure you bid on your brand’s terms.

Google Ad Grants Changes You Need to Know

If you’re a non-profit, you should read this. Learn about what changes Google made to Ad Grants and how you can use this tool to your advantage.

2017 Holiday Recap

This holiday recap will go over whether some of our predictions were correct as well as dive into the data of how this past holiday compared to 2016. Revisiting what actually happened can allow marketers the tools and information necessary to drive better performance in 2018 and the next holiday season. So, find out how we fared with our predictions.