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Getting Creative with Shopping to Drive In-Store Pickup Sales

One of Shopko’s highest priorities in 2017 was to optimize cost efficiency from search and shopping specific to BOPIS. The client saw online advertising as an opportunity to drive in-store traffic where margins are particularly high and profitable.

Expert Interview Series: Brian Roizen of Feedonomics

In this session of Expert Interviews, we discuss eCommerce with Feedonomic’s Brian Roizen, the co-founder and Chief Architect. We asked the questions, and he answered based on his years of experience.

How to Manage Millions of SKUs in Google Shopping Outline

Are you a large brand with a lot of products? Properly setting up your account from the beginning will help you avoid putting out one fire after another. That typically happens when the product SKUs being managed take on a life of their own and product managers are in constant catch-up mode. Follow these instructions to focus on a strategic approach to managing your account and simplify how and when you make changes.

Product Ratings on Google Shopping Ads Now Available Globally

Did you know 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation? That is why Google Product Ratings should be taken seriously. Learn what they are and how to get them on your shopping ads in this blog post.

A Guide to Google Shopping Showcase Ads

Learn what Google shopping showcase ads are and how you can use them to help your brand’s lead generation. Enjoy this simple introduction to setting up your own showcase ads.

Google Updates Mobile Shopping Results

Google has announced several updates to improve the mobile user experience during the holiday season. Find out what these updates are in this insightful post.

Why Retailers Need to Be Optimized and Competitive on Google Shopping Right Now

Why should retailers be competitive on Google? Other than Google being the preeminent search engine, the dominant player in online advertising, and the first place consumers look to research a retailer’s reputation, there are other reasons retailers should optimize on this search engine.